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"Gate" Development Lab (ゲート開発実験室 Gēto kaihatsu jikken-shitsu?) is an area of the Habitat Support Facility. This is the last area explored in Dino Crisis 2, though only in a cutscene.


A gate to the future/past time can be seen here, along with the control panel on the right side.


Dylan meets Paula here once again. As the structure starts to shake, a machine falls onto Paula between half of her body. Unable to set her free, Dylan decides to stay, telling Regina to use this opportunity to enter the gate while it's still active. As she is about to escape with the 3rd Energy Disk and gives Dylan one final salute. Dylan tries to help Paula, only for another machine to fall on both of them, leaving them both trapped. Their whereabouts and survival remains largely unknown as the entire building explodes afterwards.[1]




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