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Dino Crisis - Tyrannosaurus after eating Cooper

The arrival of a Tyrannosaurus to the island was a key event in the incident.

The Third Energy Criticality Incident,[note 1] otherwise known as the "Dr. Kirk recapture operation",[1][note 2] was a catastrophic ecological disaster which took place as a result of a Third Energy experiment in 2009. It coincided and overlapped with a foreign government to investigate Dr. Edward Kirk and repatriate him.


Beginning in the early 21st century the United States financed research into next-generation technologies which could end dependence on fossil fuels. The Third Energy project proposed by Edward Kirk was to develop a reactor which would generate energy by deionizing the atmosphere around it. When federal funding was abandoned in 2006, Kirk entered negotiations with the Borginian Republic to complete the research with the potential for a weaponised version that could vaporise the target epicentre, and the American facility was bombed to stage Kirk's apparent death in a reactor accident.

From 2006-2009 the Ibis Island military base was the site of top-secret Third Energy weapons testing. Following an accident the first year a new reactor was built with enhanced safety upgrades such as the Stabilizer, which performed as a safety valve to prevent overloads as even a 6 nanosecond margin of error would doom the project in simulations.[2][3] In 2009 the outpost was infiltrated by the US intelligence agency SORT, confirming to them the survival of Kirk and the finalisation of research.


Following three years of work, the Third Energy project was ready for testing. For safety reasons the reactor was taken out to a stretch of land between the outpost and the mountains in the centre of the island. An unexpected side-effect of the high energy levels in the experiment resulted in a tear opening in space-time. In a radius of 3300 feet around the epicentre, all equipment, plant and animal life were immediately exchanged with a Mesozoic forest and its own wildlife. The research team, stranded in the Mesozoic, are believed to have perished soon after. Over the course of several hours the dinosaurs which inhabited the newly-transferred forest spread out to conquer the island, with many of the facility's staff and soldiers being killed in the hallways by Velociraptors. Orders were given to abandon the island, but few if any are known to have succeeded. With the loss of access cards in the initial attacks, many staff were left stranded and were eventually hunted down.

Coinciding with the reactor accident, a SORT team made their way to Ibis Island with orders to steal data on Third Energy and return Kirk to the United States for interrogation. Cooper was killed shortly after landing when his parachute flew into the forest where he was spotted by a Tyrannosaurus. Gail, the team leader, was however able to direct Regina and Rick into the facility where they began their investigation.


In the decades after Regina triggered the reactor to "overload", temporal anomalies began to surface from the Cretaceous Era, and the "Noah's Ark Plan" was drawn up in the 2050s to prevent displacements from undoing humanity's own existence. This is later referred to as the "Spacetime Meteorite" for spelling the ultimate doom.[4]


  1. This name is gavered from the original version of the Dino Crisis 2 prologue/opening scene, where the "Third Energy Incident" is referred to by this name instead Sādo Enerugī bōsō jiken (サードエネルギー暴走事件?)
  2. Kāku-hakase dakkan sakusen (カーク博士奪還作戦?)
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