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"Standard bullets that either Glock 34 or 35's use."
— Inventory description.

9mm Parabellum (9mmパラベラム弾 9mm paraberamu-dan?) is the ammunition used by the Glock 34 handgun in Dino Crisis. It can be used interchangeably with 40S&W Bullets in the Glock 35.


It is the standard ammunition found throughout the game for the handgun. Abundant, but deals minimal damage and is best used for one on one scenario as a last ditch effort. However, a useful tactic with this ammunition would be to lure dinosaurs behind electronic shutters, then quickly fall back to the other side and activate the shutters. Using this tactic, the player can then easily dispatch even the strongest foes (such as the Therizinosaurus) without taking any damage because they cannot pass through the shutters to reach Regina. Therefore, the player can save more powerful ammunition for stronger enemies.


The 9mm Parabellum can be found:

  • 34 bullets available at game start on Easy mode
  • 17 bullets (one Glock magazine) at game start on Normal (and harder) mode(s).
Facility 1F


  • Red and Yellow Emergency Boxes (Most commonly found in the 1F and B1 boxes)
  • Random item boxes (On certain playthroughs, this ammunition is commonly found throughout the entire facility)