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Airlock 1 cutscene 1 (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


Patrick Tyler investigates Airlock 1 and runs into Jacob Ranshaw. A window breaks and nearly sucks them into space.


Jacob: "Freeze!"

Patrick: "Captain!"

Jacob: "You alright? Where are the others?"

Patrick: "Sonya is safe, but-"

Jacob: "Sonya. Sonya, do you copy?"

Sonya (radio): "Sonya, here."

Jacob: "What's your position. Over."

Sonya: "I'm in the data storage room, Captain."

Jacob: "The main bridge should be close by. We'll meet you there."
"Looks like a first generation, but it appears to be functioning normally."
"Tell me, MTHR. Are there any survivors on this ship?"

Patrick: "Why did you attack the Seyfert? Where did those dinosaur monsters come from? Say something!"
"Piece of crap."

Jacob: "They're pieces of the Seyfert. This is not good."

Patrick: "Not too bad for an antique computer system."

Jacob: "Sonya!"

Sony (radio): "Captain!"

Jacob: "We have a hull breach!"

Jacob: 「とまれ!」

Patrick: 「隊長」

Jacob: 「無事だったか   ほかの連中はどうした」

Patrick: 「ソニアは無事だったんですが…」

Jacob: 「ソニア応答しろ   ソニア」

Sonya (radio): 「”こちらソニア”」

Jacob: 「現在位置を伝えろ」

Sonya: 「”データ保管室です”」

Jacob: 「その先がメインブリッジだそこで今流するぞ」
「答えろマザー この船の生在者?」

Patrick: 「なぜセイファートを攻撃した? それにあの恐竜の化け物はなんだ」
「答えろ    ばあさん」

Jacob: 「セイファートの破片だ    このままだとまずいな」

Patrick: 「ばあさんにしちゃあ悪くない」

Jacob: 「ソニア!」

Sony (radio): 「”隊長”」

Jacob: 「外壁がふっ飛んだ!」