Algol is an genetically-engineered species of human-Velociraptor hybrid which was created by MTHR-248, the shipboard AI for Ozymandias. When the human passengers died from radiation sickness, MTHR was tasked by Captain Satoko Evans with creating a new crew. Finding humans to be too fragile to the effects of cosmic radiation exposure, DNA was spliced with that of dinosaurs left on record some time after the Noah's Ark Plan. Algol was one of the first such attempts.

Physical description Edit

The Algol species was created as part of an experiment to establish if the hybrid colonists could maintain a social structure. Algol was a success, as the species was found to be highly-social and routinely organised themselves into packs while hunting.[excerpt 1] Algol were also highly agile due to their well-developed hind legs which enabled tremendous jumps. When agitated, individuals could release shock blasts from an electricity-generating organ on their heads. Algol were a diverse species susceptible to mutations, and by 2548 at least two subspecies had arisen on the ship. The Alphas (α) resided on the Deck Sector and had powerful electrical attacks, while the Gammas (γ) were capable of camouflaging themselves and lived in the Storage and Shaft Sectors.

Gameplay Edit

Algol are lower-level enemies in Dino Crisis 3 encountered heavily in the first half of the game, and while they hunt in packs they are relatively easy to dispatch with light weapons. From the Warehouse Sector onward they are replaced with the camouflaging subspecies to increase difficulty. They cease being the main opponent when the player reaches the Energy Sector, which is instead dominated by Kornephoros. The base point score for killing an Algol is 100TC, with Combo bonuses increasing each successive kill until the eighth where it reaches a ceiling. From two to eight kills, the rewards are 200TC; 400TC; 800TC; 1600TC; 3200TC; 6400TC and 12,000TC.

Heath Edit

Algol have a base health of 600HP, and can have 0-300 extra hitpoints as determined by a randomised algorithm.[2]

Moveset Edit

Agol has a total of seven standard attacks in the game. Three of these attacks are bite-related, with damage varying depending on whether the Algol attacked from a stationary position or if they were in motion. The remaining four are other physical attacks largely involving knocking the player onto the floor. A further two attacks are 'Special Attacks' unique to the Alpha and Gamma subspecies' respectively. Both are electricity-based attacks, though their differences are due to exactly how the electricity travels to the player.[2]

Attack Damage
Immediate biting (その場噛み付き) 230
Body attack (体当たり攻撃) 280
Walking bite attack (歩き噛みつき攻撃) 230
Running bite attack (走り噛みつき攻撃) 280
Jump attack (ジャンプ攻撃) 230
Pounce attack (飛び掛り攻撃) 230
Tail attack (尻尾攻撃) 150
Straight line electric shock attack (直線電撃攻撃) 250
Neck electric shock attack (首電撃攻撃) 100



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