Australis was a species of Tyrannosaurus created through genetic engineering in Ozymandias' DNA Laboratory. The species was experimental in origin, though allowed to thrive on board the ship until they became extinct in 2548.


When Ozymandias' crew began dying of radiation poisoning on their expedition to the planet α2, Cpt. Satoko Evans ordered the ship's computer, MTHR-248 to clone the ship's crew so that the colonisation mission would not end in vain.[2] As the ship was flooded with radiation, however, MTHR was unable to create clones that could survive, and instead began splicing in genes from animal samples in the laboratory which were found to be more resistant to radiation.[2] Seeking to further modify the human clones to survive a variety of harsh conditions, MTHR began growing genetically-modified dinosaur species, which would thrive on the ship as a means of testing their adaptability. If genes were found to be advantageous, they were to be spliced into the human-dinosaur hybrids.[2] The Australises were created from Tyrannosaurus DNA in storage, and were modified to possess electricity-generating organs as well being capable of surviving in vacuum conditions. While their size and electricity made them imposing creatures, the Australis prototype and its clones had underdeveloped skins exposing their muscles; this was determined to be the main factor in their inability to survive in vacuum. Though the experiment was a failure, the Australises were allowed to thrive on the Ozymandias.[3]


An adult Australis is around twenty two meters long and seven meters tall. Related to the Tyrannosaurs, it shares a similar body plan, though has a second row of teeth. Due to anomalies in the species' creation, an Australis' skin does not cover its entire body, and their muscles are exposed. This weakness is countered by faster recovery from injuries, and above-normal production of Adrenalin to make the animal more aggressive. As with other species created by MTHR, Australises have an electricity-generating organ. However, this species' organ is underdeveloped, and so electricity is released across a room rather than focused only on enemies.[4][excerpt 1]

Gameplay Edit

Moveset Edit

The DINO CRISIS 3 PERFECT ALIVE GUIDE lists twelve unique attacks.[4]

Attack Damage Description
Biting on the spot (その場噛みつき) 400
Bite when walking (歩き噛みつき) 400
Bite when running, upper (走り噛みつき中段) 450
Bite when running, lower (走り噛みつき下段) 450
Step, bite (段差噛みつき) 350
Step, headswing (段差首振り) 350
Mow down (なぎ払い) 350
Tail attack (尻尾攻撃) 400
Linear electric shock (直線電撃) 300
Range electric shock (範囲電撃) 250
Electrical discharge when walking (電撃時に接近すると発せられる放電) 100
Warning shock (移動中や威嚇時の当たり) 100-150

Strategy Edit

The PERFECT ALIVE GUIDE recommends that players switch their main weapon to the long-range "Laser" ammunition.[5] This will allow players to keep at distance from an Australis' physical attacks, though the aim button needs to be held for a second so the player will hit the boss. As a result, the player is strongly advised to keep moving to each corner of the map to maintain a distance. Because of Australis' regenerative abilities, the Inferno Wasp type is recommended.[5] However, as this is a short-range attack the player should only use them when moving away from the Australis.




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