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The "Blue Raptor" is a variety of Velociraptor.


These dinosaurs are only found on the B2 floor of the Ibis Island research facility, either seen alone or with a partner. The player's first encounter with them is when they attempt to acquire the Level C Card on floor B2. Regina hears a loud noise near her vicinity, prompting her to briefly examine her surroundings until coming across a metal grate on the floor. Eventually, Regina relaxes and turns her back to the grate, and at that point the Blue Raptor breaks open the grate and jumps her. This leads to another danger scene in which the player must escape or risk taking damage.

They are the strongest enemies of the game by a big margin, only behind the Tyrannosaurus. They have an incredible endurance, so it's recommended to use the Grenade Gun to kill them or a strong tranquilizer dart to put them to sleep because the slag bullets won't do a great deal of damage to them *

*Unless the player has acquired the SPAS-12, both shotgun ammo types will typically kill the Blue Raptors in 5-8 shots - With the SPAS-12 however, these can be killed with 3-5 slugs, or 5-7 buckshot.

They've got an incredible strength, which is even bigger than what the Therizinosaurus has. Careless players can find themselves dead in only 3 bites from the Blue Raptor, and it should be noted they're slightly faster than normal raptors, so be cautious if you decide to fight them.



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