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Blue Raptor render

Blue Raptors are a variant of Velociraptor. Similar to their more common tea-coloured counterparts in size, blue raptors are known for their increased strength.


They are dark blue with black stripes, with a red spot from the nose to the shoulder, bluish grey thighs, grey arms and legs.

They are 4.8 meters (12 to 14 feet) long, and 1.8 meters (6 feet) tall.

They have strong and robust jaws, are very fast, have good vision, a sickle-like claw on each feet, are able to jump in a great distance and are very resistant to firearms, even a 12 gauge shotgun.

Dino Crisis 2[]

Blue Raptors are an optional enemy in Dino Crisis 2. If the player wishes to fight them they have to make a 20+ combo in a raptor infested area (either Velociraptors or Oviraptors), without taking any damage, killing any type of Dino in an area. Then the player has to go to another raptor infested area to fight these Blue Raptors. Note: They don't appear on easy mode.

Blue Raptor and Dylan

Blue Raptors always come in pairs, and they're extremely difficult to kill. Dylan's machete and Regina's stun gun have no effect on their movements, and the Flame launcher or Firewall don't fare any better. Weapons that are effective in stopping the Blue Raptors' movements include the Solid Cannon, the Anti-Tank rifle, the Rocket Launcher, and the Missile Pod, although these weapons aren't required to kill them. No matter which weapon you use against them, it will take up a potentially large number of ammo before finally being killed. Should the player succeed in killing them, they'll be rewarded with 7000 Extinction Points for each Blue Raptor they kill (which doubles to 14,000 upon purchasing the EPS Gold card, making it possible to acquire 28,000 Extinction Points in a single Blue Raptor fight). Inexperienced players should be cautious when fighting these opponents, otherwise the Blue Raptors may overpower them easily.

Dino Duel[]

The Blue Raptor is the alternate color in Dino Duel if a second player selects the Velociraptor, although there is no strength difference in this case.

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