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The Borginian Republic was a country in the Southern Sea.[1] The only known territory of this republic is Ibis Island, the site of a military research facility.


Borginian Republic Military

Symbol of Borginian Republic Military

The government of the republic was interested in the capabilities of Third Energy as a weapon after head researcher Dr. Kirk lost funding. They offered to privately fund further development of the technology in trade to weaponize the system. The doctor then fakes his death in a lab explosion to work inconspicuous with the Republic.

A research base is constructed on the isolated Ibis Island where studies and development continues for three years. Despite this, a government agent manages to infiltrate undercover and discover their operations. The US government then sends S.O.R.T. to apprehend the head researcher and confiscate the data on the Third Energy.

However, when the team arrived, the base had been overrun by prehistoric creatures as an aftermath of an experiment. All facility personal is eventually killed as a result, except for Dr.Kirk. After which, the Republic loses their research base in a generator overload, and their development data stolen in the hands of the opposing government.

Further notes[]

  • The country's name is spelt differently between Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2, switching from Borginia to Bolzinia. Both are derived from the Japanese name, borujinia (ボルジニア?). The "R" and "L" are interchangeable in translations, with "Z" and "J" experiencing a similar relationship.
  • Further, Dino Stalker spelled it Boldinia. "D" is occasionally, but not infrequently, used when translating foreign words spelled in Japanese that use "Z" and "J."
  • Capcom reused the fictional Borginian Republic in the Ace Attorney series. In this series, the country is instead stated to be in Northern Europe.



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