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""You can shoot metal arrows.""
— Sub Screen description.

The Bow Gun is a special weapon in Dino Stalker. It fires crossbow bolts.


Fire Mode: Single Shot/Semi-Auto

Rate of Fire: Moderate (trigger mashed by rapidly tapping R1 for PS2/RB for XBOX)

Damage: Low


The Bow Gun fires metal-composite made crossbow bolts and is excellent for picking off targets at long-range. The damage on this weapon takes 3 hits to eliminate a single raptor. In doing so will make the enemy notice the player on far range and notify others immediately.


  • The correct term on this weapon is "crossbow".
  • A real-life crossbow barely makes any noise and prevents predatory animals from noticing the shooter. Unlike the one in-game, in takes 3 bolts to kill a single raptor. Hitting one will do only small damage and cause the raptor to notice the player on far range, headshots may vary and instantly kill the raptor.