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Captain's Log is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 3.


The Captain's Log is first made available for download after the cutscene on the Main Bridge where the player is ordered to search for a possible survivor.


Captain's Log Entry #194
While monitoring the course of a massive comet, the Science Division reported that the Ozymandias was exposed to unidentified cosmic rays. Further analysis reveals that the emissions are extremely harmful to human life. Additional reports indicate that exposure was intense for the portside facilities.

Precautionary measures were immediately taken to minimize the exposure, but I fear we're too late...

Captain's Log Entry #195
We've learned that the Ozymandias' defense system has failed to protect us against the cosmic rays detected yesterday.

A majority of personnel stationed in the portside facilities have reported in sick, while several have been quarantined for research and observation.

At this point, I've made no official announcement. I can only hope that we can come up with a cure...

Captain's Log Entry #196
It turns out the gene preservation fields used in the Materials Depository are somewhat effective in shutting out the cosmic rays. Unfortunately, their range is limited, and incapable of fully protecting this ship. With 40 percent of my crew now deceased, I'm afraid there's little hope of our survival...

Captain's Log Entry #197
I've officially announced the hopelessness of our situation to the remaining crew. Few were surprised by the announcement. I take pride in the fact that nobody panicked. However, that's probably due to their weakened state...

I believe that whatever hopes we had for mankind's first attempt at colonization has turned to despair...

Captain's Log Entry #198
I can't let it end like this! To salvage something from this disaster, I've ordered MTHR to use our DNA data and the cell samples of the various organisms stocked in the ship's holds.

From these materials MTHR will attempt to generate a new race of humans that can survive the rigors of space colonization. Given MTHR's vast store of knowledge, I believe "she" just might fulfill our dream of establishing a colony on α2...

Captain's Log Entry #199
This will probably be my last log entry. The crew and I have completed recording our DNA data and have stored our cell samples under the gene preservation fields to ensure their safety. Now it's all up to MTHR. As for us, all we can do is pray...

突如遭遇したすい星群から人体に重大な損害を与える未知の宇宙線が放射されているとレーダー班より報告があった。観測された時点で宇宙線はすでに本船に到達しており 現在その対応が遅れている。特に左舷側の被爆が顕著であるようだ。乗組員への影響が懸念される。