Caren Velasquez is the name given to a line of H-IIIA series androids developed by Dr. Velasquez. A number of them were present on board the Ozymandias. The doctor's work on synthetic skin production contributed to her creation.


The Caren models were built to believe they were human beings, listed among crew logs as such. However, their crew profile was largely absent of detail. Her "blood type" was listed as "no status". Her father's status was listed as "closed", while her mother's information was completely blank. On top of that, her date of birth was given as "Nov.13 24HH", not even completing the year.

On top of their belief in being human, the Caren series could also transmit memories acquired from one "life" to another H-IIIA android. This can be seen in how a second Caren could instantly remember Patrick Tyler upon activation - the first Caren having died in his arms. This Caren discovered her synthetic heritage after finding the other models sealed in pods. She sacrificed herself to save Patrick, tricking a large two headed dinosaur into falling down a shaft with her.