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Carrying Out Room B1 is an area of the facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a large area containing heavy crates all around. A small walkway that can be accessed by climbing the ladder which contain a shelf and the control panel for the crane. There are two doors at the back of the area, both leads to the hallway that is used to carry any sort of materials.


Regina must move the crates using the crane, to enable Rick to take the wounded Tom into the medical room.

Assuming Regina's role, the player can climb the ladder into the upper walkway. The shelf can be pushed aside to find a random medical supply or ammo. The player can also find SG Bullets at the end of the walkway. Use the crane card to operate the crane. The instruction manual for the crane can be found at the back of the wall.

The crane has several functions:

  • Right 2: Move the crane two spaces to the right.
  • Down 1: Move the crane one space downward.
  • Left 1: Move the crane one space to the left.
  • Up 2: Move the crane two spaces upward.
  • Hook: Hook the crate below.
  • Release: Unhook the crate.
  • start: Apply the selected commands, in the same order they were selected.
  • exit: Exit the crane.
  • clear: Clear all currently selected commands.

Use the crane to move the crates (follow the steps below):

  • Up 2, Down 1, Left 1, Hook, right 2, Release and press start.
  • Hook, Up 2, Left 1, Release and press start.
  • Right 2, Hook, Up 2, Release and press start.

Once the path is clear, Rick will leave to take Tom to the medical room. Player can climb down and approach the two doors at the back. There's a memo that can be read near the torn apart corpse. The An. Dart M can also be found near the double door to the hallway.

When Regina return here after exploring the facility B1, she will find Gail and Dr. Kirk. Gail will threaten Dr. Kirk with his weapon and forcing him to hand over the ID Card which allow access for the elevator inside the control room 1F.


Location Localization Original Script
Rick checking on the wounded Tom トムの看病をしている
The closed hatch It looks like an emergency hatch. It cannot be opened from this end. 避難用のハッチのようだ こちら側から開くことはできない
HG Bullets Will you take the HG Bullets? Yes / No
Instructions for the crane It's the instruction manual for the crane. Will you read the instructions? Yes / No クレーン操作上の注意書きだ 注意書きを読みますか? Yes / No
Control panel for the crane A control card is required to operate the crane. Will you operate the crane? Yes / No 操作するにはクレーンカードが必要だ クレーンを操作しますか? Yes / No
The dead corpse The dead man has a memo. Will you read the memo? Yes / No 死体はメモを持っている メモを読みますか? Yes / No
The door to the hallway for carrying in materials The door has been unlocked. カギを開けた
An. Dart M Will you take the An. Dart M? Yes / No