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Carrying Out Room B3 is an area on Facility B3 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a large area powered by the main generator fuse box. A large number of fuel containers are placed nearby the output generator, presumably a large amount are required to operate the main generator. There are also large containers and boxes around the area.


Regina and Rick can access this floor using the large size elevator. As Regina look around the area, Rick would investigate the main generator. One of the battery fuse is broken, and unable the generator to start. Without the power from the main generator, the two cannot progress through the rest of the area of the facility B3.

Assuming Regina's role, the player must find a battery to replace with the one that is broken in the main generator fuse box. Since most of the doors are locked, the only option is entering the backup generator room. Grenade Bullets can be found near the large output generator. A random medical supply or ammo is spawmed on the ground leaning against the wall near the fuse box. The battery can be found in thebackup generator fuse box.Once the broken battery is swapped and replaced, the generator will be activated and thus restoring power to the area.

At some point, three survivors will use the Large Size Elevator while the Tyrannosaurus pursues them. When Regina arrives, all of them will be dead while the Tyrannosaurus goes down the elevator and smashes through its door and the main generator, making them both unusable. To proceed, the player must pick up the Startup Battery W from the fuse box and place it on the backup box, instead. After switching the fuses correctly the power will be restored, thus unlocking the nearby doors and the doorway to the elevator.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking on Rick He's repairing the device. 起動装置を調べている
Main Generator (No power) The Main Generator is not working. It doesn't look repairable.

(After losing power again) Will you take the battery? Yes / No

メイン電源は稼働停止している 修理はできそうにない

起動装置からバッテリーを取りますか? Yes / No

Main Generator (With power) It is an activation device for the Main Generator. It is not necessary to operate it right now. メイン電源の起動装置だ 操作する必要はない
The "B3" sign on the floor With this, you can instantly tell what floor the elevator is on. 現在エレベータが停止している フロアが一目で分かる
The shutter Something extraordinarily powerful smashed into the shutter from the other side. There may have been some sort of explosion involved since it smells of gasoline. シャッターの向こう側から恐ろしい力が加わったらしい その際に爆発でもあったのだろうか ガソリンの匂いがする
All doors (No power) The door will not move because the generator to supply power to open to the door is out. ドアを開く動力を供給する電源が落ちているため 作動しない
Fuel containers and boxes It looks like some type of fuel. Apparently a large amount of power is needed to operate the Main Generator. 何かの燃料らしい かなりの出力が必要なのだろう
Large generator at the center It is a high yield output generator. It appears to supply the facility's main power. 大出力のジェネレータだ 施設のメイン電源になっているようだ
Door to the Passageway to the Carrying Out Room You have used the C. O. Area Key. 搬出エリアのカギを使った
Large generator at the center (destroyed) It has been destroyed by a Tyrannosaurus. It would be nearly impossible to repair it. ティラノサウルスによって破壊されている 復旧は不可能だろう
Tyranosaurus unconscious on the ground It is completely unconscious now. However, it seems to be breathing very slowly. 完全に気を失っているがゆっくり呼吸をしているようだ
Grenade Bullets Will you take the Grenade Bullets? Yes / No