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Cave① (洞窟① Dōkutsu ①?)[1] is an area of the volcano.


This is the first cave after venturing inside the volcano. The ladder ahead leads to the Cave②. Lava stream can be seen at the centre of the cave.


After reaching this area, the map will become temporary unavailable. No enemies are present in this lava cave, there's a Med Pak L located not far from the lava stream to the right. However, it's blocked by an obstacle, which can be destroyed by using the Chainmine. From there, the Chainmine is needed to get through this area safely and is good for killing the Inostrancevia later.


Location Localization Original Script
Rock blocking the cave path There is a rock blocking the path. Different from the other rocks, it's a calcareous rock. You can destroy it with the Chainmine. 岩が道をふさいでいる 他の岩と違って石灰質だ チェーンマインで壊すことができる


Further notes[]

In the localization, the Caves have no space between the word and number, unlike other areas.



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