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Cebalrai is the name given to the final stage in the metamorphosis of the Giganotosaurus subspecies genetically engineered on board Ozymandias, of which Rigel was the larval stage. Envisioned by MTHR-248 as the ultimate life-form, Cebalrai could survive in vacuum conditions as well as grow new organs. Hyper-aggressive beyond mere predatory instincts,[2] only one Giganotosaurus is known to have successfully reached the Cebalrai stage of development. Its name comes from the star Beta Ophiuchi, otherwise known as Cebalrai.


When Ozymandias' crew began dying of radiation poisoning on their expedition to the planet α2, Cpt. Satoko Evans ordered the ship's computer, MTHR-248 to clone the ship's crew so that the colonisation mission would not end in vain.[3] As the ship was flooded with radiation, however, MTHR was unable to create clones that could survive, and instead began splicing in genes from animal samples in the laboratory which were found to be more resistant to radiation.[3] Seeking to further modify the human clones to survive a variety of harsh conditions, MTHR began growing genetically modified dinosaur species, which would thrive on the ship as a means of testing their adaptability. If genes were found to be advantageous, they were to be spliced into the human-dinosaur hybrids.[3] Cebalrai was created as what MTHR considered to be the ultimate life-form, not only a highly-aggressive predator and resistant to radiation, but capable of surviving in vacuum, a successful experiment that succeeded where Australis did not.[2]

Though it did almost kill S.O.A.R. operator Patrick Tyler in the Dec[4]

Though it did almost kill S.O.A.R. operator Patrick Tyler in the Deck Sector, the creature was first properly encountered later at the Center Duct Interior, when it surprised Tyler, Sonya Hart and a "Caren" android. In the fight, the Caren android tried to kill Cebalrai by luring it to unstable flooring.[5] However, the creature successfully escaped the ship and attacked a shuttle departing the Ozymandias.[6] During the fight, the beast generated a third head in the middle of the first two heads, rending some of Tyler's guns ineffective. Despite this, it was defeated by the "Final Wasp" and sent flying aimlessly in Earth orbit.

Physical Description[]


Cebalrai, after a mutation.

Cebalrai is the adult stage of the same mutant Giganotosaurus species which Rigel were the larval stage of, separated through several unseen intermediate stages of development.[2][excerpt 1] From a size perspective, Cebalrai is more identifiable with Carcharodontosaurid therapods than its larval stage. As part of MTHR's goal of creating the ultimate life form, Cebalrai is made formidable through a series of genetic augmentations which take effect during metamorphosis into adulthood. Like some other dinosaurs, Cebalrai is able to release concentrated bio-electricity to stun its prey. Unlike Australis, however, the field is only focused on enemies immediately in front of it and does not aid in recovering from injuries.

An additional trait which aids Cebalrai's versatility is that of its metamorphic capabilities. Not simply constrained to a lifecycle like that of frogs, Cebalrai is capable of changing its form to better suit its situation.[2] During the fight with Tyler on the shuttle, Cebalrai was seen to grow a third head within seconds, and could even stretch out its neck to reach him.


Beating Cebalrai in both boss fights earns the player 60,000 and 80,000TC respectively. During the second boss stage, Cebalrai gains a third head when its health bar drops to 75%.[7][8]

Health stats[]

During the Center Duct Interior fight, Cebalrai has a health value of 30,000. During the shuttle fight, it is increased to 60,000.[2]


Attack Damage Notes
Biting attack (噛みつき攻撃?) 600
Swing attack (首振り攻撃?) 500
Electric shock attack (電撃攻撃?) 400 Only used in the shuttle fight
Surrounding vicinity discharge (付近によると発せられる放電) 200


As the Center Duct Interior is a long walkway, there is little room for avoiding Cebalrai and its powerful bite attack. The player is to continue heading down the walkway using the booster pack, stunning Cebalrai with high-power attacks while recharging. The Perfect Alice Guide recommends Inferno WASPs and the Laser.[7]

In its second boss stage, players must simply fire at Cebalrai to stop it from getting closer. WASPs can also help distract the beast while the player charges any laser-based weapons. Once its health is largely depleted, the Final WASP is available for use to defeat the creature.




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