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Center Duct Interior cutscene 2 (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]


While running from Cebalrai, Patrick is knocked over. The creature heads over to him, ignoring Caren in the process as she stands over the edge of the shaft, the creature so heavy it nearly destroys the section she is on. With Patrick without his weapon and still on the floor, he is easy prey. Caren manages to distract the creature by shouting, jumping and waving her hands. As it approaches, its weight destroys the platform, and the two fall down.


Sonya: "Patrick!"

Caren: "I'm here!"

Sonya: "Caren?"

Caren: "Yes. Good. Keep coming. C'mon."

Patrick: "Caren, no! Stop!"

Caren: "Patrick, escape while you can. I'm not human. I can't go to Earth.

Patrick: "Caren. No!"

Sonya: "She's gone, Patrick. Let's go."

Sonya: 「パトリック」

Caren: 「こっちよ」

Sonya: 「カレン?」

Caren: 「そうよ もっとこっちへ……そう」

Patrick: 「カレンよせ」

Caren: 「にげてパトリック…私は人じゃないわ地球へいくことはできないの」

Patrick: 「カレン」

Sonya': 「気の毒だけど…にげるのよパトリック」