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"Fires 5 mines into the ground blasting them instantaneouly and turns the enemy on it's back."
— Inventory description.

The Chainmine is a sub weapon that can be used to blast apart rocks that are blocking your way.[1] Providing minimal defensive and offensive properties, it fires five mines into ground in a straight line that automatically detonate, inflicting damage to any dinosaurs in its path. This weapon is highly recommend when entering the Volcano in Dino Crisis 2, not only because it is required to destroy the rocks impeding the player's progress, but also because it can be used to flip Inostrancevias over on their backs and expose their vulnerable undersides to attack.


  • Performance: Attack-60, Speed-70, Range-50
  • Ammo Price: 20 Pts.
  • Capacity: +10=2,000 Pts; +20=4,000 Pts; +50=6,000 Pts.


  • The Chainmine is one of three weapons that must be purchased in order to progress through the game, the other two being the Flame Launcher and Aquagrenade.



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