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Chat Log 3 is a file in Dino Crisis 3.



Chat log/sept 14 (00:24-00:30)
●> I took the day off today...
■> Me too. Feel weak. Can barely move.
●> Yeah. That's the same way I feel...
■> Looks like were not the only ones.
Everybody on the portside of the Shaft Sector's been taken to the Med Block.

●> What's going on?
■> I bet it has something to do with that alarm yesterday...
●> You're probably right...
■> So, how are you doing?
Feeling any better?
●> No...I feel terrible...

■> Sounds serious...
Want me to call a doctor for you?
●> Yeah... You'd better...
■> Hold on, I'm trying, but the line is busy...
■> Can you raise them on your terminal?
■> Hello?
■> Are you still there?

9月14日 0:14〜0 : 30の会話記録
●> 今日は仕事を休んだ
■> 俺も・体がだるく・動けないよ
●> スーもか
■> ああ 体の具合が悪いのは俺達だけではなさそうだ
●> 何があった んだ
■> 昨日の警報がやはり…
●> アレか
■> ウェスは大丈夫か?
■> ウェス?
●> す ま ……
■> そんなに具合が悪いのか。
■> 医療コールの回線が開かない…
■> ウェス?
■> ウェス?