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The Chief's room was an office located in the Facility 2F area of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility. The Chief's room appears in the first Dino Crisis game. Regina finds the first living member of the facility staff here. It served as a storage room for important key items. The Tyrannosaurus makes it's first entrance in this room.


This room was used as the office of the Chief of the research facility. Located on the second floor, the room was secured by a DDK H lock. A large window looked out on the facility with the Chief's desk adjacent to the window. A storage device requiring panel keys to open was located on the back wall. A collection of miniature weapons was also stored in a cabinet by the door.


Shortly after the research facility's 2009 Third Energy experiment, a researcher investigating the facility's supervisor and head research, Edward Kirk, entered the room looking for a key card but was severely injured by a Velociraptor.

Later, during a S.O.R.T mission to find Dr. Kirk, one of S.O.R.T's agents, Regina, entered the room during her search. The researcher spoke briefly before handing her a panel key and dying. Immediately after this, a Tyrannosaurus destroyed the room's large window and Regina was forced to fight it off before escaping.


On first time entrance, a small cutscene initiated, showing Regina finding one of the researchers. Before dying, the researcher gave Regina the Panel Key 1. Player can also find here SG Bullets and yhr DDK Input Disk N.

There are two slots under the medal frame where the Panel Key 1 and 2 can be inserted. The two panel keys must be inserted according to the medal types. A numeric panel will be shown, player must type in the code "705"[1]", "037".[2]



As the frame opens, player can obtain the Key Card L. A Tyrannosaurus will smash the large window and try to attack Regina. Player must fight off against the dinosaur before they can leave the room.


Location Localization Original Script
Scattered documents Documents are scattered. One is titled, "About the Stabilizer." 書類が散乱している《スタビライザーについて》
Medals A commemorative medal is displayed here. There are two slots under the frame where Panel Keys can be inserted. 記念のメダルが飾られている フレームの下にパネルキーを差し込むスロットが2つある
Uses the Panel Key 1 and 2 on the medals Which slot will you insert it? Left Right Cancel

(Left / Right) The Panel Key has been set

(Canceling) Do you want to take the Panel Key out? Yes / No

どちらのスロットにセットしますか? 左 右 やめる

(左 右)パネルキーをセットした

(やめる)パネルキーを取りますか? Yes / No

Numeric panel There is a panel here that accepts a numeric code. Will you enter the number? Yes / No

(Canceling) You take back the two Panel Keys that were set.

数字を入力するパネルがある 入力しますか? Yes / No


Pictures Small objects are neatly placed here. 小物が整然と並んでいる
Weapon shelf Various miniatures are lined up here. They all seem to be weapons. 様々なミニチュアが並んでいる どれも兵器のようだ……
SG Bullets Will you take the SG Bullets? Yes / No




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