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City/Living Quarters① is an area in Edward City that is featured in Dino Crisis 2.


It is an open yard scattered with barricades and equipment used by the city's few remaining inhabitants during the Velociraptor siege. Multiple human and dinosaur corpses litter the area.

The helicopter piloted by David lies in a smouldering heap next to an imposing perimeter wall separating the area into sectors. On the opposing side is an opening in the wall leading to thick jungle, which has been fortified with scaffolding and shipping crates. In the corner of the yard is Robson's Drug Store, a local shop.


After the Triceratops chase, Dylan and Regina crash into a large open grass where the two are surrounded by VelociraptorDavid comes out of nowhere in a helicopter and elliminates the dinosaurs. After witnessing all of the citizens being killed, he crash lands in the city. David, Dylan and Regina have a brief conversation before the three begin their separate search.

Player will assume Dylan's role here. By walking up ahead toward the open space, a drug store can be seen. If Dylan climbs up the container not far from the broken barricade, a Med Pak L can be found on the other side, below it. The door not far from the crashed helicopter leads to the next Living quarters, however the door is locked and requires the Living quarters key.


Set Set trigger Enemy type (Hard) Total to kill (Hard) Room
maximum (Hard)
Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear
when bleeding?
1 Returning to the room Pteranodon 30 (50) 15 (25) 3 No

After exiting the Drug Store, the area will be swarmed with Pteranodon.[1]


Location Localization Original Script
Crashed helicopter This is the helicopter that David was piloting. It probably ran out of fuel and crash-landed. デビッドが操縦していたヘリコプターだ 燃料を使い尽くした上 不時着に失敗したようだ
Gate for vehicles This gate's propably used to move out jeeps and other large vehicles. The gate won't operate since it has no power source. ジープなどの大型車両が移動する際に使われるゲートだ ゲートを作動する動力がないため現在は開閉できない
Drug Store sign It's a Drug Store sign. It has been repainted several times. Probably by the owner. ドラッグストアの看板だ 店主のこだわりなのか何度かペンキを塗り直した跡がある
Small vehicle It's a small vehicle. All it needs is fuel to run. It's in good condition. 小型の軽乗用車だ ガソリンさえあれば走れるように手入れされている
Dead human and raptors There are signs of humans being eaten as well as raptors. 人間だけでなく ラプトルの死体にも食べられた跡がある
Broken barricade It's a poor barricade made from just about everything they could gather. It probably didn't even help them sleep better at night. ありあわせの素材で組み上げられた粗末なバリケードだ 気休めにもならなかっただろう
Power-line tower They must have been using the damaged power-line tower as a guard tower. 破損した送電用の鉄塔を改造して見張り用に使用していたようだ
Advertisement on Robson's Store "From Candy to Ammo, the last biggest sale ever!" 《キャンディから弾丸まで この世の終わりの大セール実施中!》


Further notes[]

In the localization, the Living Quarters have no space between the word and number, unlike other areas.



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