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City Front/Haul Road is an area in the outskirts of Edward City.


The road is congested with debris and discarded materials left from a cancelled repair job. A Triceratops lays dead against the door to the dock, having died from poisoning. A truck further up the road contains poison, likely being the source. With the truck blocking the road, travel between the dock and Edward City must now go through the lakeside.


This room is occupied by Velociraptors, who still maintain control of the area having lost the area west of the lake to the Oviraptors. The Inostrancevia dino file lies near the abandoned truck.[1] The gate to the lakeside is overgrown, requiring Dylan's machete to cut open.


Set Set trigger Enemy type (Hard) Total to kill (Hard) Room
maximum (Hard)
Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear
when bleeding?
1 First visit Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 5 40 (60) 25 (35) 3 Yes


Location Localization Original Script
Dead dinosaur corpse on the left side. A large herbivorous reptile, a Triceratops has crashed into a wall and died. It seems that someone has shot it with a poison bullet, causing its nervous system to break down. 大型の草食恐竜トリケラトプスだ 壁に突進して息絶えている どうやら 神経系統を狂わせる毒の弾丸を撃ち込まれたようだ
Steel Tower A steel tower for the electrical lines has fallen to the ground. Could the Triceratops have done this? 送電用の鉄塔が倒されている あのトリケラトプスが引き倒したのだろうか
Materials at the front Materials for repairs are stacked. It looks like it's been untouched. Maybe they thought repairing it was meaningless. 補修用の資材が積まれている 補修する意味のないことを悟ったのだろうか 放置されている
Hose connected to a truck The hose of the fuel truck is connected to the generator underneath all the rubble. 給油車のホースはがれきの下の発動機に接続されいる
Human corpse There is a large bite mark. It could be the bite mark of a dinosaur we've never seen yet. 小型恐竜のものとは思えない大きな噛み跡がついている このエリアに棲息する未知の生物にやられたのだろうか
Truck that is blocking road On the truck are many empty gas cylinders. The cylinders are marked with poison marks. トラックの荷台にはカラのボンベが積載されている ボンベには毒ガスを示すマークが描かれている
Gate toward the Lakeside The ivy is wrapped around the door. You may be able to cut it with Dylan's machete. ドアにはツタがからまっている ディランのマチェットで切れそうだ




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