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The Comm Antenna Room was located on the Facility 2F floor of the Ibis Island research facility, in the communications area. The Comm Antenna Room appeared in the first Dino Crisis game as part of the main setting. It set up the game's second confrontation with the Tyrannosaurus.


This room was used to manage the antenna used by the facility to communicate with the outside world. In order for the antenna to be activated an Antenna Key was required. This key was stored in the locked Communication Room so that only staff who worked in the communication area could use the antenna.


Prior to the 2009 Third Energy experiment, the antenna was stored due to fears of a magnetic storm damaging it.

S.O.R.T agent Regina entered this room in order to activate the facility's main antenna as part of a plan to contact their escape helicopter and evacuate the facility. While there, she read a |memo which included the information needed to unlock a safe in the lounge.


Activated antenna

Player can read the memo that can be found on the operating desk. To activate the main antenna, player must use the Antenna Key.


Location Localization Original Script
The power box This box supplies the power to the antenna. アンテナに電源を供給しているボックスだ
Memo A memo from an antenna operating engineer. Will you read the memo? Yes / No アンテナ操作エンジニアのメモファイルだ ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
Small hatch It is a small hatch used for antenna maintenance. アンテナの整備の際に使用する小型のハッチだ
Key slot There is a slot for the Antenna Activation Key. アンテナ起動キーをセットするスロットがある
Operating desk (No power) Nothing happened. There is no power to activate it. 何も起こらない 起動のための動力が必要だ
Using the Antenna Key "The Activation Key has been set. Preparations for antenna activation are complete." 《起動キーのセットを確認 アンテナの起動準備 完了》
Checking the panel again This panel activates the stored antenna. 格納されているアンテナを起動するパネルだ