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The Comnd St./Inner Compound is an area in the city outskirts. It is notable for being the setting of an Allosaurus-themed sidegame.


It is a large, fenced-in yard intending as a staging point for the Army's operations near Edward City, equipped with several turrets for defence against hostile dinosaurs. Operations were presumably coordinated from the control tower in the southern end of the yard. The Command Station proper can be seen from beyond the walls.


A save terminal can be found immediately after entering this area. Regina and Dylan Morton meet here only to discover that this is an Allosaurus nest. The duo must work together to get through this area alive.

After the cutscene, the player will assume control of Regina whilst Dylan will man the turret. For this section, the player's sub weapon is replaced by the Signal Bullet, which can be used to mark a target for the other to fire upon. Three such turrets are used by both Regina and Dylan, who will switch places as soon as the other makes it through each stage of the area.

The Signal Bullet has unlimited ammo and the Allosaurs will respawn continuously, making this a great opportunity to gain Extinct Points.


Location Localization Original Script
Assuming Regina's role Get through this area with the help of your partner covering you. By using the signal bullet armed as your sub-weapon, you'll be able to receive cover from your partner. 仲間の援護攻撃で敵をけんせいしながらこのエリアを切り抜けろ サブ武器に装備したシグナルシューターを撃てば仲間の援護攻撃を受けられる
Turret on platform (as Dylan) Regina will cover you from the platform. Let's get moving. ハシゴの上の砲台ではレジーナが援護してくれている 先を急ごう