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The Container & Materials Yard is an area of the City Front.


Many containers, barrels and materials are stored here. Two forklifts can also be seen inside the yard, one in front of the door and the other scattered around the scrap. The outside is surrounded by the jungle, where a broken wall can be seen to indicate something powerful must have crashed inside.


Not much can be done here, however there's a save terminal at the end of the compound. Once the player approaches the terminal close enough, an Allosaurus will jump inside from the broken wall. If player has purchased the Anti-Tank Rifle, the Allosaurus is easily defeated with just a few shots.


This table is based on information presented in the Japanese guidebook, DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book.[1]

Set Set trigger Enemy type (Hard) Total to kill (Hard) Room
maximum (Hard)
Onscreen Max Mosquitoes appear
when bleeding?
1 First visit Allosaurus 1 1 1 No
2 Returning after killing the Allosaurus Velociraptor, Lv. 3 and 5 30 (50) 20 (30) 3 Yes


Location Action Localization Original Script
First Forklift CHECK It's small forklift. For some reason it hasn't been used very much.
Crashed Forklift CHECK With some tremendous force it has been smashed.
The jeep CHECK There is still gasoline inside. The tires have weathered away for not being used for a very long time.




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