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Control Panel Room cutscene (tentative) is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 3. All scenes for this game were storyboarded by Shinji Higuchi and directed by Makoto Kamiya.[1]



Sonya Hart: "I figured it out, Patrick. It was MTHR. She built a new Caren for herself."

Patrick Tyler: "What? Why would MTHR do that?"

Sonya: "Wait, there's more to this story. Patrick, look at this. Unusual life readings. Many of them, equivalent to fifty humans. That's if they're humans."

Patrick: "Are they survivors? Where exactly are they?"

Sonya: "Somewhere near the rear engine sector. Wait - it's the MTHR Room".

Patrick: "OK. I'm going in."

Sonya: 「わかったわパトリック    マザーよ彼女が新しいカレンを作ったの」

Patrick: 「なに? なんだってマザーが」

Sonya: 「それだけじゃないの    見て」

Patrick: 「生存者か    場所は?」

Sonya: 「船の後部エンジンセクターの…」
「いや    ここはマザールームよ」

Patrick: 「わかった    俺がいく」