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Control Room 1F cutscene 1[note 1] is a cutscene of Dino Crisis.


Regina arrives at the control room where Rick is. They discuss the possibility of evacuating, but cannot as their radioman is missing. Regina spots a dead monitor, which means the facility has multiple independent power generators.


Regina: "What's our status?"

Rick: "This security system is a snap for me... real amateur stuff."
"So, what exactly happened to Gail? You said that he was attacked by a dinosaur?"

Regina: "Yeah. I couldn't believe it. I just hope he's still alive. Anyway, our first priority is to complete the mission."

Rick: "What we oughta do, is just call in the chopper and get off this deathtrap."

Regina: "That's a great idea, but Cooper has the radio and he's missing."
"Hey, what's with this monitor?"

Rick: "That's the security monitor for the underground area. The camera's offline."

Regina: "So, I take it that means power still hasn't been restored to the area?"

Rick: "Exactly. They must have that area wired to a different power system than the ground level."

Regina: "We can investigate that area after we finished our sweep of the ground level."

Rick: "OK, then I'll take care of the shutters that are blocking the way. You work your way in, grab the Doc, then rendezvous back here."

Regina: 「作業はどう?」

Rick: 「俺にとっちゃあ    素人くさいプロテクトさ」
「さっきは    恐竜にやられたとか……?」

Regina: 「本当よ……生きているといいけど」
「とにかく今は    任務を優先させるしかないわ」

Rick: 「とっととヘリを呼んで引き上げたいぜ」

Regina: 「そうね……でもあいにく無線はクーパーの装備だったわね」

Rick: 「地下エリアの監視カメラだ」

Regina: 「ということは    地下エリアの機能はまだ……?」

Rick: 「そういうこと    地上とは別の電源があるみたいだな」

Regina: 「そっちの捜索は地上を済ませてからね」

Rick: 「OK    シャッターの方は何とかする」


  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.