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The Control Room Hall is an area at the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a zigzag corridor leading into several different rooms; the Management Office and the Control Room for the first floor, and the Medical Room Hallway descending the stairs. There is an Emergency box placed on the opposite wall to the Control Room. The shutter leading to the stairways is initially closed and the nearby panel is non-functional. After the conversation with Gail and Rick it can be operated.


There is a green emergency box on the wall that require a plug to open. There are no enemies available in this corridor, however dinosaurs from nearby rooms can attack the player here if they were ignored. The item that can be picked up here is 9mm Parabellum bullets.

Emergency Box[]

The Green Emergency Box contains the following items:


Location Localization Original Script
Ventilation opening Do you want to climb the ventilation opening? Yes/No 通風口に上りますか? Yes / No
The sign Right: Control Room 1F 《この先 1F制御室》
If you choose Rick's plan and try to go to the Medical Room Hallway I have to follow Rick... I should leave the basement floor to Gail. リックを追って仲間のもとへ急がなければ 地下はゲイルに任せよう
If you choose Gail's plan and try to go to the Management Office or Piping Check Passageway A 1F I have to check the basement floor first. I should leave the area ahead to Rick. 地下の捜索が先だ この先はリックに任せよう
Emergency Box

You can store medical supplies in this Emergency box. You need a plug to open this Emergency box.

(No plug) You do not have enough plugs.

(With plug) Will you use the plug? Yes / No

この緊急ボックスでは回復系のアイテムを補給できる 開けるためには1個のプラグが必要だ


プラグを使いますか? Yes / No 

The switch for the shutter

Will you press the switch? Yes / No

(Yes) Nothing happened.

スイッチを押しますか? Yes / No



Further Notes[]

Hidden in the Dino Crisis audio files, some lines of a cut conversation between Regina and Gail are present in the room. It was probably meant to be triggered after the cutscene with Gail in the Training Room. Here is the following cut audio scripts:

  • Rick: You there Regina?
  • Regina: What's up?
  • Rick: I know you are busy, but can you come back here? I need to talk to you about something...
  • Regina: I'm on my way.

All the present audio scripts are fully translated into all the versions of the game, hinting that probably they were cut just before the game's release.