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Control Shack is a room not far from the Research Facility complex. In the original Japanese it is known as the security control room (セキュリティ管制室 sekyuriti kansei-shitsu?).[1]


Most of the compact servers and maintenance are located here.


When Regina caught one of the Helmet People, she handcuffed her here at the pipes before moving her to the Cockpit Cabin.


Location Localization Original Script
Whiteboard on the left hand side

On the whiteboard there is a notice.

"Computers for data acquisition of the experiment will arrive next week from the Military Facility. Those members who are on the experiment team should contact Lieutenant Wolf."

ホワイトボードに連絡事項が記されている 《来週 軍事基地より実験データ採取用の機材が届く予定》《シミュレート実験の実行担当班の者は基地のウルフ少尉と連絡を取ること》

Hanger on the right hand side. A heavy coat is hanged. It is covered with a thick layer of dust. It appears that coats are unnecessary in this world. ハンガーには厚手のコートが吊るされている 気温の高いこの世界では無用なのだろう 厚くホコリをかぶっている
Personal belongings on the right Personal belongings of the security guards are organized. The cardboard boxes have become soft from absorbing all the moisture in the air. 警備員たちの私物が並んでいる 湿気を吸ったダンボール類はすっかりふやけてしまっている
Scatter logs on the table The daily logs taken by the security guards are scattered everywhere. According to the records, for a while after their arrival to this world, there were no dinosaurs seen. But from a few years ago smaller sized dinosaurs started to appear around the area. Since then it seems as though the experimental activities had decreased. 警備員の日誌が散乱している 記録によると この世界に来てからしばらくは恐竜の姿は見られなかったが 数年前から小型恐竜が出没するようになり それ以来 正常な研究活動は望めなくなったようだ
Compact server It's a compact server for data control. It must have broken from all the humidity with the room being shut for a long time. データ管理用の小型サーバーマシンだ 長い間 部屋が閉ざされていたため 湿気で故障してしまったようだ
Other items up ahead There are many other items for repair near the tool box. 工具箱の他に各種の修理用品が並んでいる
Terminal It's a terminal for controlling all the survaillence cameras in the facility. 施設の各所に設置されている監視カメラの映像を管理する端末だ
Items at the far left side Entertainment and amusement items are stored here. Magazines, game systems, and protein bottles can be observed. 娯楽用の備品が収納されている 雑誌やゲームマシン プロテインのボトルなどが並んでいる
Desk on the left side Everything on the desk is covered with dust. 机の上のものはすべてうっすらとホコリをかぶっている
Check on Paula She is staring this way with a bullish look. 強気な目つきでこちらをにらみつけている




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