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""No. No. No."
— -Cooper's Last Words

Cooper was a member of the Secret Operation Raid Team (S.O.R.T.), a covert government task force, in 2009. Cooper operated as communications specialist in a five-man team that consisted of team leader Gail, electronics expert Rick, covert operative Tom, and weapons specialist Regina.


Cooper's Death

Cooper's Death

In 2009, Cooper was dispatched with S.O.R.T. to a research facility on Ibis Island. Their mission was to repatriate the facility's lead researcher, an energy scientist believed to have died in an accident three years earlier. The team planned to enter the facility through the rear entrance, using parachutes to descend on the facility. However, after parachuting off the helicopter to Ibis Island, he was blown off course and landed in the island's forest.[1]

He began hearing loud footsteps echoing through the woods and shined his flashlight ahead of him, before running off in a panic. The Tyrannosaurus that had been hunting him gave chase. Despite Cooper's efforts to escape, he was ultimately caught and eaten by the creature.[1] As Cooper was the team's radioman, his death made it harder for the others to make contact with their extraction helicopter.

At the end of the mission, Regina reported him as MIA, the team having never learned of his death.


  • Cooper's death might have been referenced in Jurassic Park III, where a character, also named Cooper was eaten by a Spinosaurus in the same manner as how the Tyrannosaurus killed Cooper in the game.
  • Cooper's death is similar to McCoy's in Dino Crisis 3, as both were killed by a Tyrannosaurus (or in McCoy's case, a Tyrannosaurus-like creature) at the beginning of the game.
  • Cooper is considered to be a "redshirt" as he was merely created to be killed off.
  • In the non-Asian releases of Dino Crisis, the scene where the T. rex kills Cooper is censored slightly. In the Japanese version, the lower half of his body is thrown to the ground and the tyrannosaur swallows his upper half. The lower half of his corpse being thrown to the forest floor is cut out in all the other versions, making it appear as if the Rex swallowed him whole.
    Cooper unmasked
  • Cooper is revealed to have brown hair in the end of game debriefing. While he is facing away from the camera, this is the only time in the game that Cooper is seen without his mask.


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