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David Falk was a member of the Army Special Force's Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team, serving in the same unit as Dylan Morton. His cheery personality and cowboy attitude helped keep team morale high.[1][excerpt 1]


David was a member of the T.R.A.T. force sent through time to investigate the missing Edward City and the 2010 Third Energy Criticality Incident. Their base camp was attacked by a pack of Velociraptors soon after arriving, leaving just David, Dylan, and Regina alive. The raptors then suddenly turn and flee. The ground begins to shake and moments later a Tyrannosaurus emerges from the jungle, making a beeline for Dylan and Regina. David grabs an RPG and fires it at the T.rex, but only destroys its right eye. In the momentary window created, all three flee and end up separated.

Reaching the other side of the lake by unknown means, David made sure to dig "D"-shaped cuts into trees to help Dylan find him. Reaching Edward City, David met the few remaining inhabitants, awaiting the firing of a Third Energy weapon to save them from the dinosaurs. Piloting an RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter, David found Dylan and Regina under attack from a pack of raptors and took them out. Unfortunately for the townspeople, his leaving allowed hundreds more Velociraptors the freedom to attack unopposed. Crash-landing in the city, he found that no one survived. He became frustrated at the fact that the mission to recover the data still stood, despite the high civilian casualties, and angrily wondered what use the data would serve with no timegate to return to the present day. With one of their mission objectives failed, the three soldiers began to search the city for the Third Energy data.


David regrouped with Dylan during Regina's escape from the exploding Missile Silo, where he proceeded to open a dam which would lead out of the area surrounding the Missile Silo. Right as Dylan is about to be devoured by an Allosaurus, David shoves him out of the way and is eaten instead. Both Dylan and Regina are saddened by his death, with Regina even looking away as he's eaten.


Further notes[]

  • The manual booklet for the NTSC version of the game lists his last name as Fork rather than Falk.
  • In an earlier draft of the story, David was instead called "John Smith", and his nickname in the team was "Cowboy". He was to start the game with Regina and Dylan.[2]


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