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Determination (決意 Ketsui?) is the seventh and final stage of Dino Stalker.


The seventh and final stage sees Mike and Paula climbing the Volcano, being attacked by Velociraptors and Pterosaurs during their way up.

On their way down the inner side of the volcano, the facility computer and camera, still working, records their progress.

Suddenly, a Tyrannosaurus jumps down. After a battle throughout the top part of the volcano, Mike takes down the creature. However, the creature is not dead and they fight lower down next to the lava, almost killing it. As the creature struggles to stand, the pressure it causes makes part of the floor it is standing on fall into the volcano, incinerating the creature.

The two make it to the facility and Paula starts up the Third Energy reactor and Mike is sent back into the air of 1943. Still believing he will be killed by the approaching enemy aircraft, Paula manages to send the planes bullets away, saving him. He is saved by a rescue boat and the boat drives off into the sunset.


Mike Wired (thinking): "If I don't help erase the computer the Earth will be crushed into powder. But, if this land was stayed as Hyperspace, then I could stay alive and I could live with Paula in this world. No, I'm still a soldier. I'll do my best to save my people."
"What's that? Is that the MTHR Computer?"

Mike: "Let's go. There isn't much time left."
"Are you the final enemy? Come on! I'm sending your prehistoric world back where it belongs. In this world, dinosaurs are extinct! Paula! Go!"

Mike: "Yes! I did it at last! Paula!"
"Give up. There's nothing you can do now. Paula?"
"Is that it?"
"I guess all you have to do now is press that key and we'll return to normal. This land will be sent back to the Cretaceous Period, and I'll be sent back to 1943 where I'll be shot to death."

Paula Morton: "Mike!"

Mike: "There's no time. Do it, Paula. It has to be this way. Do it! Paula. I love you."

Mike: "Paula, you saved me."

Paula: "Mike..."

Man: "You alright? You look as if you're staring off in another world."

Mike: "I was thinking about a woman."

Man: "That's good. It's what you need. That's the best way to cheer you up, you know."

Mike Wired (thinking): 「もし俺がコンピュータを修正しなければ、 地球は木っ端微塵になる」
「ポーラと二人で、 この世界で生きて行ける」
「駄目だ 俺は軍人だそんなことは出来ない!」

Mike: 「行こう、 時間がない」
「貴様が最後の敵か!? 来やがれ!」
「俺のこの手で、 この大地を元の地球に戻してやる!」

Mike: 「やった…ついにやったぞ!」
「諦めろ もうお前には何もできない」
「そいつを押せば、 プログラムは完了するんだな」
「そして俺は、 1943年の世界へ戻り、 敵の銃弾を浴びて死ぬ…」


「時間がない やるんだポーラ」
「地球を救うんだ 早く!」

Mike: 「ポーラ…君が救ってくれたんだね」

Paula: 「マイク…」

Man: 「アンタ、 大丈夫か? 違う世界を見てるような顔してりぜ」

Mike: 「…女の事を考えてた」

Man: 「そりゃあいい 元気になるにはそれが一番だぜ」