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Dino Crisis (恐龍危機) was a six-part manhua series. A loose adaptation of the first Dino Crisis game, it was published by Jade Dynasty Publications Limited (玉皇朝), a Hong-Kong based manhua studio.


Over the course of the 1990s Hong Kong's comics industry increasingly published unauthorised adaptations of Japanese material. To combat this Capcom Asia entered into licensing deals with several comic studios, with Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Dino Crisis being among the series adapted officially. The recipient of the Dino Crisis license was Jade Dynasty. The company was founded in 1993 by Tomy Wong Chun-loong following his release from prison, having been charged with committing securities fraud at Yulang Group in an effort to recoup money lost in the stock market which had enabled a takeover by investors. While Tomy Wong was able to bring back old partners from Yulang, the artistic quality of before could not be maintained and in 1998 three of the founding artists departed. Consequently, the art for Dino Crisis was not in good standing, often with inconsistent sizes of rooms and dinosaurs between panels. A major change in the story was pushed by Wong to make it more appealing to Hong Kong audiences, with the revelation of Gail as a traitor in league with the Borginian Republic who send a party to take back the island from the dinosaurs.


Issue no. Cover art Release date
Issue #1 Dino Crisis Issue 1 - front cover July 28, 2000[note 1]
Issue #2 Dino Crisis Issue 2 - front cover August 11, 2000[1]
Issue #3 Dino Crisis Issue 3 - front cover August 25, 2000[2]
Issue #4 Dino Crisis Issue 4 - front cover September 8, 2000[note 2]
Issue #5 Dino Crisis Issue 5 - front cover September 22, 2000[note 2]
Issue #6 Dino Crisis Issue 6 - front cover October 6, 2000[note 2]


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