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Dino Crisis (恐龍危機) was a six-part manhua series. A loose adaptation of the first Dino Crisis game, it was published by the Hong Kong-based "Jade Dynasty" (玉皇朝).


The series was produced by Tony Wong (黄玉郎). Building designs are poorly thought out, with rooms changing in size between issues; one example of this is the elevator Rick and Gail fought in, which becomes large enough to house a Tyrannosaurus. The creature's own size also varies considerably, being much larger when it appears in the valley in Issue #2.

Differences from the game[]

The manhua is almost entirely divorced from the game, only sharing the premise. Gail is now a traitor, planning on handing the Third Energy data over to a guerrilla force.


Issue no. Cover art Release date
Issue #1 Dino Crisis Issue 1 - front cover.jpg July 28, 2000[note 1]
Issue #2 Dino Crisis Issue 2 - front cover.jpg August 11, 2000[1]
Issue #3 Dino Crisis Issue 3 - front cover.jpg August 25, 2000[2]
Issue #4 Dino Crisis Issue 4 - front cover.jpg September 8, 2000[note 2]
Issue #5 Dino Crisis Issue 5 - front cover.jpg September 22, 2000[note 2]
Issue #6 Dino Crisis Issue 6 - front cover.jpg October 6, 2000[note 2]


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