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Dino Crisis 2 appeared at the E3 2000 tradeshow in Los Angeles. Visitors to the Capcom booth could purchase a t-shirt promoting the game.[1]


Shinjuku event[]

Dino Crisis 2 Dinobus

From 12-31 August Capcom oversaw a long marketing campaign for Dino Crisis 2, starting with the touring of a the Dinobus which would promote the game on the roads.[2] On 23 August the Dinobus arrived at the offices of Famitsu, where idols in mini yukatas disembarked to promote the game.[3] The Dino Girls did not actually tour on the bus the entire month; only for this day and the next.[4]

The final stop on the tour was the "DINO CRISIS 2 in Times Square" event, hosted at the Takashimaya Times Square department store in Shinjuku from 24-27 August.[3] A seven meter tall moving and roaring Tyrannosaurus puppet was present at one of the courts, with the "Dino Girls" in yukatas giving out promotional Dino Crisis 2 fans after arriving on the Dino Bus. The game was available to play, and copies of the trial version were handed out to anyone completing a questionnaire.[5][6] This event was also in collaboration with the band L'Arc-en-Ciel, and a special promotional video for their song, "Fate" was screened; brought together by music video director Noriyuki Tanaka, it featured Dino Crisis 2 footage.[4][excerpt 1]



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