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"One year has passed since the "Third Energy" incident... Dr. Kirk's research on "Third Energy" has been taken over by a government agency, and massive research has begun at a base somewhere in the mid west. However... In the pursuit of immediate results, they have failed to take the necessary precautions, and once again an accident has occurred. This time, the entire research base, military institution, and a small town close by have disappeared. In their place there now lies a jungle from another time... "
Dino Crisis 2 prologue (English version)[excerpt 1]

Over the course of a year after the 2009 raid on Ibis Island, Dr. Kirk's Third Energy research has prospered at a government-run research outpost. In March 2010, however, another runaway reaction has occurred, and an area encompassing the laboratory complex; the reactor facility; a military barracks; a missile silo and Edward City - a small town for the lab workers and their families - has been temporally displaced. In its place stands a jungle populated by Cretaceous-era fauna.

On 10 May 2010, the accident is re-created on a smaller scale to send a hovercraft carrying a platoon of the Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team (TRAT) in a rescue operation, carrying among them SORT agent Regina, owing to her prior experience fighting temporally-displaced dinosaurs on Ibis Island. Shortly after their arrival, the camp is attacked by a pack of Velociraptors, resulting in the deaths of the entire team sans Lt. Dylan Morton, David Falk and Regina. Falk is separated from Morton and Regina, who jump down a cliff to escape a Tyrannosaurus. The two also decide to split up in order to cover more ground.

As the two struggle to stay alive, they encounter leather-clad helmeted inhabitants who are hostile towards them, but their female leader, a girl named Paula is easily captured (saved, really). Though the girl is hostile towards Regina, she acts differently towards Dylan, almost as though she knows something about him. After constantly fleeing from the two heroes, she eventually leads Dylan into a large base complex where she shows him a recording that reveals the truth.

In the future, it is discovered that the 2009 overload in the Borginian Republic had consequently caused time alterations to the Cretaceous Era that would lead to disastrous results. The space-time skew would take its effect on all living organisms and would alter the Earth's history dramatically; preventing the human race from ever existing. To fix this, the international organization WAPP decided to transport all the creatures to a similar environment, 3 million years into the future, where they could thrive. They would then be sent back to their own time (bef.65 million years ago) when the crisis passed. This was called the "Noah's Ark Plan". However, the team suffered another overload when they were about to go back, and their Time Gate was destroyed. Thus, the team was trapped with the dinosaurs. All the survivors were killed, but their children were saved and brought to the safety of the Habitat Support Facility, where they were kept in life support chambers. However, the machines were meant for dinosaurs, and long habitation caused them to lose their ability of speech (although they could regain it) and internalize instinct to protect the dinosaurs. These children are the mysterious helmet-wearing teenagers Regina and Dylan encountered throughout the game. Apparently, one of the members of the team that came to the future was Dylan himself, older. His daughter, Paula, is the blonde haired mystery girl. It appears that in the overloading incident, Edward City itself had been transported to the same future.


  1. Japanese script of Prologue:
    "サードエネルギー暴走事件"から1年…… この究極のエネルギーの研究は開発者カーク博士の手を離れた 政府は開発都市を建設大規模な研究が開始 しかし 強引かつ性急すぎたプロジェクトは破綻をきたし再び"事故"は走こった…… 事故こよる空間転移は最大規模を記録 研究基地 軍事施設隣接する居住エリアそのすべてが消失 巨大な密林がそこに現れたのである……