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The Dino Crisis 2 Perfect Capture Guide (ディノ クライシス2 完全攻略ガイド Dino kuraishisu 2 kanzen kōryaku gaido?) is a guide book for Dino Crisis 2 published by Kodansha in September 2000.


This book is primarily for gameplay help, unlike Famitsu's Dino Crisis 2 Official Guide Book which included concept art and a director interview. It includes a full walkthrough of the main game with strategy notes for the dinosaurs and how to use the combo system. Unlike Famitsu's guide, it introduces profiles on the dinosaurs when they appear during the walkthrough, rather than in a contained section. The guide book introduces the audience to the characters before detailing the available weapon stats, and has as a guide on Dino Colosseum and Dino Duel at the end.