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Dino Crisis 2 script book - front cover

Final Draft, copy 051.

The Dino Crisis 2 script book was a series of books published between 1999 and 2000.


Over the course of the fifth console generation, Capcom's design philosophy moved towards commissioning professionally written scripts. Following the release of Resident Evil 2, Capcom established Flagship as a subsidiary creative writing company employing TV writers. Scriptwriting was the responsibility of Noboru Sugimura, Yosuke Hirano and Kishiko Miyagi, done so in the style of a TV script. Amendments were then made following meetings with the Planning team to intergrade the story with the gameplay.

These script books were published for internal use only as a reference work for developers, and the exact number and versions published are not publicly known. It is known however that there was an unexpected re-write later in production, as the only copy available to the public differs considerably from the release game in spite of its designation as "Final Draft" (決定稿). This copy was purchased at an online auction site.[1]