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Translation errors
Further notes

Below is a list of translation errors made during the localization of Dino Crisis 3, and changes to the plot.

Error identification 'Key'[]

Spelling Wrong conclusion Missing information Additional information Original storyline Original continuity

  • Spelling - A localization error where words (or more specifically, character names) have been spelt incorrectly.
  • Wrong conclusion - A quick re-write by the localization team has led to an incorrect description of events via skim-reading, such as indicating someone to be alive when the script says "deceased", or simply describing something incorrectly.
  • Missing information - Content has been noticeably removed from the source, perhaps even an entire paragraph.
  • Additional information - The localization team has decided to "add fat" by adding in new sentences.
  • Original storyline - Completely original content has been added, perhaps replacing the file's intended content.
  • Original continuity - A change has been made so that the file's content runs in continuity with a change made in another file (perhaps in another game).



Code Speaker Scene/stage Localized line Original line (if mistranslation) Comments
Seyert Captain Opening cutscene "MTHR, do we have a response?" Mother 548 - Response? (マザー548  反応はどうだ??) MTHR's presumed serial number has been removed.
Patrick Tyler Opening cutscene "I mean, that's an intergalactic emigrant craft from 300 years ago." Interstellar Emigrant Ship drifting for 300 years (300年も漂流していた恒星間移民さ

300-Nen mo hyōryū shite ita kōsei-kan imin sa?)

The script confuses 'interstellar travel' (travel between star systems) with 'intergalactic travel' (between galaxies)


Code File Localized line Original line (if mistranslation) Comments
Chat Log 3 "Hello? Are you still there?" Wes? Wes? (ウェス?ウェス??) Roh Westin is left unnamed in the localized Chat Logs.
Crew Roster "Genetic Code Level" Permission Code Level (パーミッションコードレベル Pāmisshon kōdo reberu?) The security levels of the crew have been renamed to sound futuristic.