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Shinji Mikami at Xbox Conference Summer 2002

Shinji Mikami, announcing the game.

Dino Crisis 3 was officially announced at Microsoft's Summer 2001 conference, but little was shown other than a single piece of concept art and talk of partner AIs helping in combat.[1] The game was fleshed out the following June at the 2002 Xbox Conference.[2] There, Executive Producer Shinji Mikami introduced the game's premise, and described the setting as a colony ship in space and how stages could be refreshed and re-explored by changing the ship's layout. The game having entirely new characters was also brought up, and Mikami teased the jetpack though only said it was something worn on the player's back. At the time, he stated the game was approximately 50-60% completion.[3] At the following Autumn event held in December, it was confirmed the game would be an exclusive title for the Xbox console.[4]


Dino Crisis 3 poster

On April 17, 2003, Microsoft announced their intention to release a special edition Xbox console with a DVD playback kit included. The edition was dubbed the "DINO CRISIS 3 Limited Box",[5][6] and came with a 26,800円 price tag.[7] Pre-orderers were to be rewarded with the DINO CRISIS 3 PREMIUM FACT FILE book.[8] The game was delayed in Japan, however, and was moved a week to September 16.[9]

Plot points were gradually released in the last two months ahead of release. On April 28, Sonya Hart's playability was confirmed by Famitsu.[10] Soon after in the beginning of May, the game's official Japanese website was updated soon after to introduce the seventeen year old "Caren", as well as Sonya.[11]

At the May 2003 Capcom conference, Hiroyuki Kobayashi presented Dino Crisis 3 and described development as revolving around three key phrases: "speed feeling"; "scale feeling", and "solid feeling". This, he meant, was the high-speed movements of the jetpack; the 3D platforming experience of jumping across rooms, and the skin texture of the dinosaurs.[12]


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