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Dino Crisis Dungeon in Chaos (ディノ クライシス Dungeon in Chaos) is a first-person shooter mobile game published by the now-defunct Mobile Capcom in 2003. The game was made for DoCoMo 505i and 505is phones.


An unnamed country has been experimenting with Third Energy at a military research facility. An accident has occurred, leading to an unexplained loss of radio contact with the facility. The country's government orders an Army special forces team to investigate. The soldiers find the facility infested by dinosaurs, but stay at the facility to complete their mission, which includes shutting down the Third Energy reactor.[excerpt 1][excerpt 2]


The player objective is to find and shut down the Third Energy reactor. The environment is a 3D maze which changes shape in each game, meaning the player will not figure out the location from earlier playthroughs. The player goes through a series of rooms and corridors populated by dinosaurs, and must kill them to advance or be killed. The standard weapon is a handgun, though special attacks can be performed to cause more damage. These attacks consume the Energy Bar, however, so must be used sparingly.


Dungeon In Chaos entered production in 2003 under the title, Dino Crisis. It was made specifically for the 505i mobile phone, and was announced in May 2003, ahead of the release of Dino Crisis 3.[2] The game was featured at Tokyo Game Show 2003 with a Winter release date.[3]


Further notes[]

  • The official webpage was taken down when "Mobile Capcom" was retired from service in March 2014.[4]
  • Footage on the internet suggests a 2007 re-release, though this is not mentioned on the official webpage.


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    施設最深部のサードエナジー炉を完全停止せよ。 研究所内に落ちている、様々な武器を上手く使い分け、襲い掛かる恐竜を狙い撃て!! キミは生き残れるか!?"
  2. Excerpt from original official webpage: "究極のクリーンエネルギー 究極の兵器 2つの顔を持つサードエナジー その研究・開発には細心の注意が払われ、安全管理体制に抜かりはない・・・誰もがそう信じて疑わなかった・・・しかし・・・某国軍事研究施設で、サードエナジー炉が暴走これを境に外部との連絡が途絶している暴走の悪化による『事故』が懸念され直ちに調査員が派遣されたが・・・施設内進入の連絡後、消息を絶った・・・事態を重く見た政府は軍部首脳に対し陸軍特殊部隊の出動を要請した".
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