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Dino Crisis #2 is the second volume of a six-part manhua series officially-licensed by Capcom. It was published on August 11, 2000.[1] This chapter is titled "Third Energy" (第三能源).


The three agents are attacked by the Velociraptor pack. As more approach, Regina finds a series of pipes running against the ceiling. The three fire their hookshots and fly over the dinosaurs to safety. Rick and Gail get into a hatch. Regina loses grip on the pipes and swings over the dinosaurs; she kicks them and gets back up.

The three get to a watchtower. Seeing a gorge, Gail has them continue the mission by crossing it. As they cross over the ravine below through a wooden bridge, the Tyrannosaurus shows up. Out of shock of seeing the massive beast, they accidentally break the planks and Rick falls through. Regina tries to get him up, but the Tyrannosaurus' approach gets her attention. It releases a powerful roar. Rick gets up just in time to see the creature bite into the bridge. Shaking it about, it snaps and Regina and Gail fall into the river. Rick is lifted by the Tyrannosaurus by a plank he was holding onto. It tries to shake him around, but he succeeds in climbing onto its head and running down the length of its body. The Tyrannosaurus ignores Rick, and goes on to hunt Regina and Gail (holding their breaths underwater) before giving up.

Regina climbs to the other side of the gorge, where Rick awaits. Gail is absent. Running through the forest, Rick finds Cooper's laptop, and tries to get in contact with command. Gail shows up and shoots the laptop. He reveals that he was paid off by guerrillas to give them Third Energy after the team's departure; when the dinosaurs were released in an accident, he had to call them in early.[excerpt 1] Two helicopters land, and twelve guerrillas get out.[excerpt 2] The group's leader, a man in Arabic desert clothing, gets out. The rebels runs off to take control of a distant facility, leaving Regina and Rick tied up. A guerrilla keeping watch suddenly disappears into a Third Energy singularity, to be replaced by Dr. Kirk. As a second guerrilla retaliates, Kirk sends him away also. The doctor frees them, and they board a helicopter together, with Kirk holding them at gunpoint. Regina resists at one point, and he threatens to shoot her.

The foreign team enter the complex to obtain Third Energy. Unaware of the dinosaur threat, they are taken by surprise when the Velociraptors show up. After killing a number of the dinosaurs, they leave to a safe area. The team notice a very large shutter; intrigued, they open it. The Tyrannosaurus attacks as the men climb under.



  • Compilation: Tung Yin Ming (童彦明)



  1. Excerpt from page 18:
    Gail: "最初計劃是得到 「第三能源」 後才收拾你們……但恐龍的事故出乎意料,我唯有叫他們來……對付恐龍需要更強大的火力呀!"
  2. Excerpt from page 19:
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