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Dino Crisis #3 is the third volume of a six-part manhua series officially-licensed by Capcom. The story title in this issue is "Time-Warped" (Chinese: 時空錯亂; Pinyin: Shíkōng cuòluàn).


The Tyrannosaurus squeezes through the shutter door, terrorizing the men below. The guerrilla leader fires a grenade launcher at the creature, producing a gas cloud. The guerrillas flee through one door, while Captain Gail takes another. The stolen helicopter drops Rick off at the facility so he can get to the control room. Gail finds him and demands Rick hand over the Third Energy data. Rick throws it in the air as a distraction, and kicks a chair his way. As Gail falls over, Rick runs to an elevator; Gail manages to jump into it as the doors close. Taking out a blade, he tries to stab his comrade. Rick grabs his arm with one hand, and punches him with the other. Gail forces Rick to the ground, and tries to force the knife through his eye. The Tyrannosaurus sees what is going on, since the control room overlooked the large room it broke into. When the elevator reaches the ground, the Tyrannosaurus tries to climb in.

Regina is now in control of the helicopter, with Kirk as her 'co-pilot' as they circle over the facility. They are attacked by a pack of Pteranodon. They are cut up by the helicopter's blades, leading to the survivors and injured breaking off their attack. The helicopter has suffered damage, however, and it falls. Regina and Dr. Kirk bail out; she fires out her hookshot so swing the two to the buildings. A Pteranodon grabs her mid-air and tries to force her into a turbine. Regina shoots the dinosaur as it flies over the roof; she lands safely while it kills itself. Kirk runs to Regina as she descends.

The two reach the main generator for Third Energy, soon followed by the guerrillas. Regina hides while Dr. Kirk faces the leader, who attempts to kill him. Regina grabs the bewildered rebel and makes him a hostage while Dr. Kirk controls the generator. The leader manages to take control of the situation and forces Regina to the floor and shoots Dr. Kirk. Though severely injured, Dr. Kirk continues to use the generator's controls, turning the entire surrounding area into a habitat with at least two sauropods and a ceratopsid.