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Dino Crisis #4 is the fourth volume of a six-part manhua series officially-licensed by Capcom.


The guerrillas are now surrounded by newly arrived dinosaurs. They are forces to retreat out of risk of being trampled by the sauropod; the leader is almost killed by a tail swish. Regina uses her hookshot on the sauropod's neck, grabbing Dr. Kirk as she swings. The sauropod is surprised by this, and reacts by stomping its front legs, violently crushing one of the guerrillas. Regina and Dr. Kirk fly to some trees, and hang above the ground. The branch begins to break as Kirk hangs on to Regina. He manages to climb up, but Regina falls and hangs on hisarms instead. They eventually manage to get back down. The guerrilla leader looks at the wreckage after the sauropod's rampancy; his men have all been killed.

Back inside the facility, the Tyrannosaurus moves in on Gail and Rick. The two end their fight and roll to either side of the room to avoid its bite. As they stand up at either corner, the Tyrannosaurus chooses Gail. Rick then shouts out, and it looks to him instead. It tries to bite Rick, but only bites into the elevator wall. Seeing the hole, he and Gail try to run through it. Gail waits for Rick, however, who is trying to run around the Tyrannosaurus. A cable collapses onto Gail, and he is left on the floor as the Tyrannosaurus tries to turn around. It touches the cable and is electrocuted. Gail knocks Rick out and locks him in with the dinosaur.

Gail runs out of the facility to steal a helicopter. Running into Regina and Kirk, Gail tries to get past them, but drops the Third Energy data. When he stops to pick it up, the Guerrilla leader stabs his hand.



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