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Dino Crisis #5 is the fifth volume of a six-part manhua series officially-licensed by Capcom.


The guerrilla leader seizes the Third Energy data from Gail. A pack of Velociraptors arrive. Seeing his cue to leave, the leader gets back in the team helicopter and makes preparations to leave. Gail runs to the helicopter, trying to get in. The leader refuses him and departs, only to be killed in an explosion. Gail, Regina and Dr. Kirk are left on the ground, surrounded by dozens of Velociraptors. The dinosaurs jump at them, but are swept away by a randomly-occurring storm. The group is split up; Regina finds Rick, while Gail interrogates Dr. Kirk in a newly created cave. Dr. Kirk reveals there is a hovercraft nearby that can be used to escape.

Regina and Rick try to make their own escape, but reach a heavily flooded section of the facility where a large animal hunts Rick. He proceeds to beat it with a crowbar, and eventually stab it. With the creature dead, they continue running through the facility.

Gail and Dr. Kirk continue traveling to the hovercraft, moving towards more of the animals Rick and Regina encountered. They walk over a slim walkway to cross the water, and Gail falls over. He is immediately swamped by smaller animals and bitten. He struggles to get to a fire extinguisher; when he gets it he sprays them off. Dr. Kirk takes advantage of the situation to get to a large cargo elevator alone. Gail returns before the door closes, and strangles Kirk for trying to leave him. Gail notices a cable hanging around, and realises this is where he fought Rick earlier. The conscious Tyrannosaurus appears before them.



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