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Dino Crisis #6 is the final volume of a six-part manhua series officially-licensed by Capcom.


The Tyrannosaurus lurches towards Gail and Kirk. Gail presses a button to shut the elevator, and the two run down the corridor. The dinosaur of course manages to break through the shutter. Kirk lags behind Gail, and is almost swallowed; luckily for him, Rick drops down from the ceiling on wires and grabs him. Gail evades the Tyrannosaurus, but gets knocked down by a falling shutter. A pack of Velociraptors take advantage of the easy meal.

Rick and Dr. Kirk walk through the ventilation tunnels. They find another Velociraptor pack inside, but Regina saves them, sprays them with her flamethrower. Giving Rick her handgun, he shoots the burning animals. The three get back down to the floor and find Gail's body. He is revealed to be alive, but seriously injured. Grabbing Dr. Kirk's legs, he finally dies from blood loss.

The three arrive at the hovercraft. The Tyrannosaurus arrives as they get aboard. The massive animal jumping into the water almost capsises the boat. Regina keeps the Tyrannosaurus away with the flamethrower. To save the others, she runs away from the boat and through a warehouse; Rick heads out to get fuel. The dinosaur enters the warehouse and trips over; a crate collapses on top of it.

The Third Energy reactor goes critical, and a meltdown occurs. Regina and Rick rush back to the boat as the Tyrannosaurus returns. Rick pilots the boat, and it glides along an accessway at top speed as the Tyrannosaurus tries tipping it. As they reach the outside, the meltdown encompasses the entire island. Regina, Rick and Dr. Kirk are left along in the middle of an empty ocean. The team's rescue helicopter returns to pick them up.



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