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This is where you can request for Chat Mod.
To file a request, create a format that headline to be "Request: username".
  • To have chatmod rights, the user in question must have at least 100 edits on this wiki. The edit count of a user can be generated with this tool, whereas the date of the user's account activation on the wiki can be found on their user page.
  • Only members of the People's Commissariat for Chat Moderation can nominate and vote for candidates. As such non-Commissariat member can only vote if they have 250 edits and have been actived for at least a month.
  • Sign (~~~~) your signature with four tildes on your vote either Correct.png I support ({{Support}}) or False.jpg I oppose ({{Oppose}}).


After a user being banned from chat, a Chat Moderator must post the "ChatBan" template to show; the reason of banned, time of banned and others. Examples: Coding:

"I don't want to do this to you, but you left me no other choice. "
You have been banned from Chat by Danskyl7.
(You will not be able to enter the chat for One months)

Reason: Being disrespectful with other users on chat
Reply here when your banning period has passed in order to be let back into chat.

  {{Chatban|Being disrespectful with other users on chat|user=Danskyl7|time=One months}}

Current Commissariat members[]


New request should be done below here.