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Dino Crisis was heavily marketed by Capcom in Japan, with a number of trailers being made for gameshows and television airings, some of which being live-action.


Trailer 1[]


Gaming Chaos Museum - Dino Crisis (Japanese Commercial)

Trailer #1

Trailer #1 is a Japanese 30 second spot. It consists of shots of the opening and character dialogue, but only shows the Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptors in the final 10 seconds after a build-up.

Trailer 2[]


Wipeout - ESPN Street Games - Dino Crisis - Japanese Playstation Adverts - PS 日本CM

Trailer #2 (in a compilation video)

Trailer #2 played in Japan.

Trailer 3[]


Dino Crisis (1999) Japanese Commercial

Trailer #3, Japanese TVCM.

"Now, Shinji Mikami - creator of the Biohazard series - gives all new suspense, all new panic. DINO CRISIS. THE HORROR IS ALIVE!""

This 30 second TV trailer was produced for Japanese television audiences. It consists primarily of footage from the opening cutscenes, several dinosaur encounters and the Tyrannosaurus boss fight at the heliport.

Trailer 4[]


Dino Crisis (Couple) Japanese Commercial

Trailer #4, Japanese live-action TVCM.

"Can you survive? DINO CRISIS!"

This 14 second live-action advert delves into the life of a Japanese man, terrified by his experience playing Dino Crisis. His wife, in his mind, roars like a kaiju monster and causes earthquakes when she walks.

Trailer 5[]


Gaming Chaos Museum - Dino Crisis (PS1 Commercial 2)

Trailer #5, American live-action TVCM.

"You don't hunt them. They hunt you. Dino Crisis, from the makers of Resident Evil."

An American man works at his cubical in a seemingly abandoned office building. He only takes notice when the phone rings and no one picks it up. After work he stops by a gas station, but there is no attendant to fill him up. Irritated, he goes into the store but finds it deserted as well, with a TV broadcasting the words "THE END". Later he walks down an abandoned supermarket, carrying his shopping which contains a bucket of paint. The bucket slips out of his fingers and splashes paint over the floor. The footage then cuts to the Tyrannosaurus boss fight in the heliport and the antenna chase.

Trailer 6[]


Dino Crisis - PlayStation Commercial (1999)

Trailer #6, American TVCM.

Trailer #6 played in the United States as a 30-second spot.

Trailer 7[]


Dino Crisis Trailer 1999

Trailer #7, American TVCM

Trailer #7 played in the United States as a 30-second spot. It shares similar footage with Trailer #6 but without the "Something's coming" opening.

Trailer 8[]

Trailer #8 is a 30-second spot that aired in the United Kingdom post-launch, UK launch being 29 October. The trailer starts in live-action with a man sitting in a dentist's surgery. When the dentist uses the drill on him, his gums begin to bleed and the ground shakes. The scene cuts to the text "Dinosaurs can smell blood from two miles away" appearing on screen. It then cuts to Cooper being attacked and killed by the Tyrannosaurus. "DINO CRISIS - OUT NOW".[1]