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Dino Genesis (ディノ ジェネシス?) is a 2000 mobile game released exclusively to mobile phones using DoCoMo's i-mode internet service. The game's server is defunct as of 2004, and no copy is known to exist. It was one of the first i-mode games developed by Capcom.


The player takes the role of a hunter sent out on an expedition to find, capture and catalogue dinosaurs, pterosaurs, sea reptiles and other supposedly extinct animals which live on an island.[1]



The player flies in Bruce's Helicopter (ブルースのヘリ) over the island in search of new animals to find, but exploration of the island's surface is capped at only seven searches per day. At the start of the game much of the island cannot be explored, and is expanded through accumulating player experience.[1]


The objective of the game is to fill out the encyclopaedia by capturing these animals, which reward them with DNA or "Dino Genome" (ディノゲノム). Dino Genome are then taken to the "DNA Laboratory", which measures experience points. Each capture improves the Hunter's experience, and rewards them with better traps and weapons, as well as expanding the island terrain for exploration.[1] Special capture events occurred every month, where players were to compete to be the first one to capture the Leader dinosaur, the "nushi" (ぬし). The winner is then given the new player name of "Nushi Hunter" (ヌシハンター).[1][2]


At the start of the game the player is partnered with a pet known as a "DinoPet" (ディノペット) which helps them along the way. DinoPets are selected from a select list at the very start of the game and can be given names.[1] Each DinoPet has different special skills and terrains they excel at.[1] If a DinoPet is fighting on the right kind of terrain they will have a fighting advantage.[1] When enough Dino Genome is accumulated at the DNA Laboratory, the player can use them to evolve their DinoPet, which rewards them with better skills.[1]

Animal list[]







Date Leader name Image Description Capture data Name
May 2000 One-eyed Tyranno (隻眼のティラノ) By far the most violent solid in the combative Tyrannosaurus. The biggest feature is the right eye that was injured during battle.
  • Hunter: "Gon"
  • Location: Ipponsugi
  • Date: 00:15, 8 May 2000
Gonsaurus (ゴンサウルス), after the Nushi Hunter Gon (ゴン).
June 2000 Millennium fish (千年魚) Marcycanth (マーシーカンス), after the Nushi Hunter Marcy (マーシー).
July 2000 Kyōryūshūchō (恐竜酋長) Taibō Ryū (たいぞうリュウ), after the Nushi Hunter Taibō (たいぞう).
August 2000 Numa no daimajin (ヌマの大魔神) 3-channisk (3ちゃんニスク), after the Nushi Hunter 3-chan (3ちゃん).
September 2000 Dinosaur heavy tank (恐竜重戦車) Ichibūdongo (イチブードンゴ), after the Nushi Hunter Ichibū (イチブー).
October 2000 Ryūjin-sama (龍神様) Daigorosuke Ryūjin (大五郎助龍神), after the Nushi Hunter Daigorosuke (大五郎助).
November 2000 Ferocious crusher (怒れる砕石機)


Bradgas (ブラッドガス), after the Nushi Hunter Brad (ブラッド).
December 2000 Fangs floating in the dark (闇に浮かぶ牙) Lucifemoth (ルシフェモス), after the Nushi Hunter Lucife (ルシフェ).
January 2001 Fire bird (炎の鳥) Chikaramochi Bird (力持ちトリ), after the Nushi Hunter Chikaramochi (力持ち, "Powerful").
February 2001 Flying fortress (空飛ぶ要塞) Akidon (あきドン), after the Nushi Hunter Aki (あき).
March 2001 Iwayama no hasha (岩山の覇者) 虎ちゃんウータン after the Nushi Hunter Tora-chan (虎ちゃん).
April 2001 動く山脈
May 2001 双鋏の悪魔
June 2001 オオフクロ
July 2001 イワボッコリ
August 2001 白い賢老
September 2001 Red Eye (レッドアイ)
October 2001 ボーンショルダー



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