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Dino Stalker was released on Thursday 27 June 2002.

Ad campaign[]

Two videos were released to promote the game, with a prologue sequence being available on the official website. The first ad used live-action sequences featuring a model with a rocket launcher. The second was entirely gameplay footage.

Trial edition campaign[]

Capcom held a lottery using the trial edition, which entered sale on 12 June. A secret code could be found within the trial version, with parts revealed after beating each of the four stages available to play. Players with the correct code would then send it off to Capcom and be entered into the lottery, with 20 winners receiving a copy of the retail version and a GunCon 2 controller.[1][2]

Tokyo and Osaka events[]

Dino Stalker was featured in two separate promotional events in June 2002. The first was at the Hirose Radio & Electric headquarters in Tokyo on Sunday 9 June. The event consisted of a product presentation and competitions for both journalists and gamers, with the audience receiving promotional fans. The journalist competition created teams for Hyper PlayStation 2, Dengeki-Oh and Softbank, the latter consisting of multiple magazines. It consisted of two matches. The first, won by Hyper PlayStation 2, was a "Score Attack" where they received the highest point score. The second, won by Dengeki-Oh, was a two-player stage where one contestant was restricted to moving the pad and another to shooting. The two winners were picked for the finals later that month, and two winners of the gamer competition received a copy of the game and a GunCon2 controller.[3][4]

The second event took place on Saturday 29 June at Umeda Station, starting at 11AM. It featured models in white tank tops while another explained how to play the game.[5]


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