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Dock/Carrier Lot cutscene[note 1] is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 2.


After jumping off the plateau, Dylan and Regina discuss their current situation.


Dylan Morton: "Heh... so this is the cretaceous way of welcoming guests, huh?
Not exactly the red carpet treatment."

Regina: "Hmmm... there's no response."

Dylan: "I'm pretty sure my team's alright. There's more than 1000 survivors, let's get moving."
"Now hold on, what was your name again?"

Regina: "The ivy is wrapped around the door, it won't open. Let's try the door over there."

Dylan: "Awww, c'mon. Didn't they teach you how to open a door at S.O.R.T. training? Here, I'll show you. Watch this."

Regina: "Uh, yeah. That weapon definitely suits a T.R.A.T. member. But I prefer to go in this way. See ya, Mr. Barbarian."

Dylan: "Hey! The name's Dylan! Call me that, we need some help, okay?"

Dylan Morton: 「これが白亜紀流の歓迎ってやつかい」

Regina: 「応答なしね……」

Dylan: 「くそっ」

Regina: 「だめね」

Dylan: 「おいおい&bnsp;&bnsp;&bnsp;&bnsp;S.O.R.T.のお嬢さんはドアの開け方も知らないのかい?」

Regina: 「あら&bnsp;&bnsp;&bnsp;&bnsp;TRATのお兄さんにはちょうどいいオモチャね」

Dylan: 「ファースト・ネームは”ディラン”だ」

Further notes[]

This cutscene went through noticeable changes in localisation, particularly towards the two's banter. Rather than talk about "sword training", Dylan sarcastically comments on how the young woman can't open a door, with a crack at SORT. Rather than say his machete "suits a TRAT member", Regina instead has a come back in keeping with Dylan's, by suggesting her "brothers" in TRAT are playing with toys. Furthermore, the original script has Dylan already know Regina's name, but is cut off before he can say it. The English localisation instead has him ask for her name, leading to a plot hole where he knows it later.

Also In the powerline euro demo 2000/11 (SCED_02664) version, and the E3 2000 version (VHS electronic entertainment expo) Dylan's opening line is different:

Dylan Morton:  so this is the Jurassic way of welcoming guests, huh?
Not exactly the red carpet treatment."


  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.